HAHSA, Hillcrest Academy Home and School Association, is an independent, not-for-profit organization that is part of the Quebec Federation of Home and School Association (QFHSA). We have our own constitution and by-laws that govern us and financially, all funds that we raise are allocated to different school activities and/or projects. We work with the administration to provide the students with enriching programs and activities outside the school curriculum and the building with what is needed by raising money through various fundraising activities. We also work closely with the Governing Board, who is responsible for other areas that are different from HAHSA such as curriculum, school budgets and uniforms.

All parents of the school are welcome to join the committee and participate. To be a member you are not required to volunteer. It is at the discretion of the individual whether they choose to be active, partially active, or not at all. Members are encouraged to participate in ways that most suit their own availability. Everyone is welcome to the monthly meetings, you are not required to be a member of HAHSA to attend. The Committee manages all Home & School activities and initiatives which are decided and voted upon at monthly meetings. Any money raised through HAHSA stays within HAHSA. Before any spending, the members can vote on where the money is to spent. Anyone with a paid Home & School membership is allowed to vote on initiatives and expenditures.

For any questions or more information please email general@hahsa.ca

For information about volunteering please click here VOLUNTEERING.

HAHSA Constitution and By Laws

Join the Association

A HAHSA membership allows you to vote on issues tabled at monthly meetings; this gives you a voice in the decisions taken.

How to join HAHSA:

  1. Complete our online membership form (click on HAHSA ONLINE MEMBERSHIP FORM BELOW).
  2. Send your $20.00 membership fee by e-transfer to general@hahsa.ca (please read details in form before sending payment).



  • President: Rene Neratzas
  • Vice-President: Sheyda Senoglu
  • Treasurer: Maria Guglielmino
  • Secretary: Jennifer Charbonneau
  • Fundraising Director: Karen Palassian
  • Charity Director: Cathy Carbone
  • QFSHA Representative: Naushine Bakali


  • Uniform Representative: Angie Lazanis
  • Photo Representative: Dora Tavares & Tania Creswell
  • Head Volunteer: Kathy Stavriadis & Catherine Kapogiannatos
  • Hospitality Directors: Danielle LeBlanc, Kia Cunningham and Jennifer Maselli
  • Cycle Representatives:
    • Pre-K: Sylva Yapoudjan
    • Kindergarten: Veronica Morgentaler
    • Cycle 1: Debbie Psilios & Patrick Cristofaro
    • Cycle 2: Jeffrey Drake & Mimi Sara
    • Cycle 3: Sotoria Kamperogiannis & Lola Moyle