HAHSA, Hillcrest Academy Home and School Association, is an independent, not-for-profit organization that is part of the Quebec Federation of Home and School Association (QFHSA). We have our own constitution and by-laws that govern us and financially, all funds that we raise are allocated to different school activities and/or projects. We work with the teachers and administration to provide the students with enriching programs and activities outside the school curriculum and the building with what is needed by raising money through various fundraising activities. For information about HAHSA Fundraising visit FUNDRAISING.

We also work closely with the Governing Board, who is responsible for other areas that are different from HAHSA such as curriculum, school budgets and uniforms.

What is the difference between a PPO and a Home and School?

A parent participation organization (PPO) is established as per section 96 of the Education Act. The decision to establish a PPO is made at the general assembly of parents, who must also determine the name, composition and operating rules of the PPO and elect its members. Membership is open to all parents. The purpose of a PPO is to encourage parents to collaborate in developing, implementing and periodically evaluating the school’s educational project and to participate in fostering student success. The PPO may advise the parents sitting on the Governing Board regarding any matter of concern to parents or any matter on which the organization is consulted by the parents’ representatives on the Governing Board. Even though the PPO may help in raising funds, it cannot manage funds since it is the Governing Board who has the power to solicit voluntary contributions (Education Act, section 94). It is also the Governing Board that has the power to manage the fund established for that purpose. This is done through the school board.
A home and school association is a non-profit entity dedicated to enhancing the well-being and protecting the interests of children and youth. It is an entity distinct from the school and the school board and has no power under the Education Act. To establish a home and school association, an application must be made to the Québec Federation of Home and School Associations (QFHSA). A volunteer organization and independent voice for parents on issues of education in Québec, the QFHSA promotes, encourages and assists home and school organizations and their activities in the school. The difference regarding the management of funds is the following:
A PPO deposits all monetary contributions in a fund established for this purpose through the school board. Section 94 of the Education Act states that the management of such a fund is supervised by the Governing Board.
A home and school association manages its own funds separately. This is not done through the school board. Although a home and school association is a distinct entity from the school and the school board, it is important to specify that it should not act regarding fundraising activities without the approval of the Governing Board, in keeping with the spirit of section 94 the Education Act. This can be done notably through an agreement. Source www.swlauriersb.qc.ca/en/parents/governing-board

Join the Association

All parents of the school are welcome to join the committee, at any time during the school year, and participate. To be a member you are not required to volunteer. It is at the discretion of the individual whether they choose to be active, partially active, or not at all. Members are encouraged to participate in ways that most suit their own availability. Everyone is welcome to the monthly meetings, you are not required to be a paying member of HAHSA to attend.

Anyone with a paid Home & School membership is allowed to vote on initiatives and expenditures. The Committee manages all Home & School activities and initiatives which are decided and voted upon at monthly meetings. Any money raised through HAHSA stays within HAHSA. Before any spending, the members can vote on where the money is to spent.

Benefits of a QFHSA Membership

  • Access to a wide range of resources, workshops and networking opportunities that improve leadership skills of Local Home and Schools. Today’s Home and School leaders become tomorrow’s community leaders.
  • Access to a wide range of resources and workshops that raise the standards of home life and school life by the promotion of improved social and parental skills at home, at school and for the community as a whole.
  • A voice for you, the parent, through collective representation at government levels and within organizations involved in the education sector and/or youth sectors.
  • A subscription to the QFHSA NEWS, published since 1948, which preserves and celebrates the contributions, concerns and activities of local associations, reflecting the unique culture of the English-speaking school community of Quebec.
  • Insurance coverage for every volunteer member in good standing when volunteering in a home and school sponsored event. The privilege to function as an independent parent volunteer organization with your own bank account and agenda, in conjunction with your school’s governing board and administration and in accordance with QFHSA’s guidelines.

Join the Association

A HAHSA membership allows you to vote on issues tabled at monthly meetings; this gives you a voice in the decisions taken.

How to join HAHSA:

  1. Complete our online membership form (click on HAHSA ONLINE MEMBERSHIP FORM BELOW).
  2. Send your $20.00 membership fee by e-transfer to general@hahsa.ca (please read details in form before sending payment).

For any questions or more information please email general@hahsa.ca.

All parents of the school are welcome to volunteer! You do not have to be a HAHSA member to volunteer. For information about volunteering and to join our volunteer list please visit VOLUNTEERING.



  • President: Rene Neratzas
  • Vice-President: Jennifer Charbonneau
  • Treasurer: Maria Guglielmino
  • Fundraising Director: Karen Palassian
  • Secretary: Catherine Kapogiannatos
  • QFSHA Representative: Naushine Bakali
  • Charity Director: Patrick Cristofaro


  • Uniform Representative: Evelyn Louridakis & Voula Roumbas
  • Photo Representative: Tania Creswell & Tanya Rembacz
  • School Supply Representative: Debbie Psillos & Kelly Krassakopoulos
  • Head Volunteer: Catherine Kapogiannatos & Amy Sara
  • Hospitality Committee: Veronica Morgentaler, Sindu Gunaratnam, Andrea Chountoumadis, Maria Almeida, Evelyn Louridakis, Lola Moyle and Kia Cunningham
  • Governing Board Representative: Peter Moschonas