We are excited to announce the return of Karate Sportif at Hillcrest Academy! This activity will be held during lunchtime on Mondays. Complete details can be found below. All profits from this program will go back to the students and school through HAHSA initiatives, visit the FUNDRAISING tab for more details. If you have any questions, please email afterschool@hahsa.ca, and we will be happy to help you. 


  • Registration opens on September 23rd and closes on October 15th
  • Grades: K to 6
  • Mondays at lunch: October 24th to December 12th
  • Time: 12:25pm to 1:20pm
    • All students will meet in the school gymnasium with the Karate Sportif instructors to eat lunch, and the Karate class will follow right after. 
  • Price for new students: $195.00 for the session (8 classes)
  • Existing students of Karate Sportif: $0.00 (part of your existing program)
  • Karate uniform: not required but can be purchased: $60.00 (pants, top and white belt)
  • Only online registration will be accepted through Amilia registration (how to register). 
  • Payments can be made by credit card or eCheck.
    • Before paying by eCheck, please verify with your bank that they accept eCheck. A 10$ fee will be applied to your account for each eCheck payment that fails or is reversed.
  • All parents are required to read and “ACCEPT” our After-School Activities Policies before completing their registration.
  • HAHSA After-School will send a reminder email to the parents that the activity will start, but it is the responsibility of the parents to remind their children of their after-school activity. We suggest that the parents do the following:
    • Please send a note (physical or electronic) to advise their teacher
    • Put a message in your child’s lunch box and agenda
    • Please remind your child in the morning that they have an activity

Nothing fosters as much self-confidence as participation in the “Karaté Sportif Program.” In fact, this is what parents of our students say they appreciate the most. After all, who wouldn’t like to know that their child could cope with almost any situation? This is not all. Our students and their parents also tell us that self-confidence makes a huge difference in their relationships with others as well as at school and at home. In addition, they feel in great shape. “Find your inner Black Belt.”

Bow / Arrow (precision) Foam Swords (control)
Musical Kata (concentration)
Kickboxing Drills (opposition)
Anger management skills

Breaking boards (courage)
Ninja stars (shuriken) (perseverance)
Maze Kicks (cooperation)
Nunchaku (manipulation)

With Karate Sportif: “I will succeed.” Martial arts are well suited to develop the character of your children, motivating them to excel and to make an effort. In addition, the courses allow children to develop the leadership skills that they need to deal with negative peer pressure and to succeed in today’s world. So, if your child doesn’t finish what he starts, can’t concentrate for any length of time, angers quickly, lacks confidence, needs role models, trust us. Our instructors are experts when it comes to helping children realize their full potential.

“Together, we are building the next generation.”Improved self-confidence and fitness … that’s a perfect combination! “Karaté Sportif Program” you have the better of two worlds. Thanks to our courses, your children will feel more secure, but our goal is much more than self-defence. We teach anger control and peaceful conflict resolution. We develop vital concentration techniques, and we instill confidence and self-esteem through our comprehensive individual self-development program.